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Are you a Beginner at Online Pool?: A guide where to play online

Wednesday 03 May 2017 at 06:45 am.

The Pool or billiards game can get very addictive. Players want who want to constantly improve will keep on practicing every spare time they get to up their game another notch. And they will constantly want to challenge new people as well. It won’t come as a surprise that players will bring the game with them wherever they are by playing online.

Online Alternative for Pool and the Cheat

So, can a pool junkie play online? There are several gaming sites that offer the game for free, you can also play on Facebook where you can challenge your friends and you can also see how you rank against players around the world. What’s great about playing online is the interconnectivity, you can talk to players in every country connected to the internet, make friends and share knowledge about the game. You can also share 8 ball pool hack, tips, and tricks. There are game websites like Miniclip.com: one of the more popular sites where you can play pool, and there’s also CandyStand.com. There are other sites out there but you it might not give you good graphics or connect you with other players.

If you prefer an offline version, there are games you can purchase online. There are really good 3D ones where you can play in a realistic setting or you can download simpler ones. There are also free games you can download but you can only play against an AI or with a friend beside you. The advantages of online games over offline ones are the limit of people you play with. If you prefer to hone your skills alone with the AI then that’s all good. But if you want to challenge yourself by taking on players of different ranks or playing in low-stakes table to high-stakes one then the online game is the one for you.

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